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Questions to ask your surgeon at your consultation

1. How many breast implant surgeries have you performed with KELLER FUNNEL®2?
2. What is your experience with KELLER FUNNEL®2?
3. What are the benefits of using KELLER FUNNEL®2?
4. What is the no-touch delivery technique?

Frequently asked questions

KELLER FUNNEL®2 accommodates a variety of breast implant shapes and sizes, including smooth round, textured round, or anatomical.
In a survey of plastic surgeons, the top 3 reasons they stated for using KELLER FUNNEL®2 was easier breast implant insertion, reducing the possibility of breast implants touching nearby tissue, and it may help keep incisions small.
The KELLER FUNNEL®2 is intended for single use, one patient only. It cannot be reused or resterilized.
no-touch delivery technique means less contact with the sterile breast implant, which lessens the possibility of the breast implant touching your breast tissue during surgery.
Visit the Find a Surgeon page to see a list of surgeons using KELLER FUNNEL®2 in your area.
Talk to a surgeon if you have questions about KELLER FUNNEL®2.